Theater in the Now: "...this was a strong outing to present the animated comedic talents of Zach Stephens."

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Theasy: "[Tailspin!] offers plenty of comedic insight into our entertainment-centric lives."

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"Theater in the Now: Spotlight on Julianne Cross"

"Why theater?: There's an infectious energy when performing live - it feels like almost anything can happen. There's also no time for inner dialogue or self doubts on stage, you simply have the gift of being fully alive as the character in the moment. Also, when I was 4 I wanted to be on... (click to read more)"

"Theater in the Now: Spotlight on Zach Stephens"

"What inspired you to write Tailspin!?: The story originated from an impulse to warp the Sony Pictures hack of 2014, where cyber terrorists (presumably associated with North Korea) essentially prevented a major Hollywood movie from being released in theaters. I remember keeping track of... (click to read more)"