Artwork by Laura Rankin

Artwork by Laura Rankin

"Tailspin!" written by Zach Stephens and directed by Kelly Webb, is a one act comedy filled with chaos, destruction, and laughs. "Tailspin!" will be performing at The New York International Fringe Festival - FringeNYC a production of The Present Company this August 2016. Check out for more information.

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SYNOPSIS: The red emergency phone is ringing. On one end? Lowly assistants at Babylon Pictures, a major Hollywood movie studio, left alone to handle some fresh and rapidly escalating damage control. On the other? North Korea's supreme leader, furious with his depiction in Babylon's latest film, "The Girlish Tendencies of Kim Jong-un". Besieged from all sides, they must contend with a spiraling predicament catapulting them further into a frenzied distortion of modern American culture and the creative process. Throwing shade may be their only way out.


[Tailspin!] offers plenty of comedic insight into our entertainment-centric lives.

Each of the actors (guided by director Kelly Webb) shows a knack for physical humor and for delivering their lines with the full comedic potency intended by playwright Zach Stephens.
— Adrienne Urbansky, Theasy
Funny and energetic”

The stamina is undeniable.

Stephens and Jones were [a] strong due. The bounced off one another with ease.

...this was a strong outing to present the animated comedic talents of Zach Stephens.
— Michael Block, Theater In The Now

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